Chaharshanbe Suri


What’s more fun than gathering around bonfires and warming up on a March evening in Minnesota?

How about jumping over the fire with a purpose!

For thousands of years, Iranians have jumped over bonfires on the eve of the last Wednsday of the Iranian New Year, Chaharshanbeh Soori, which co-incides with the Spring equinox. We chant of good health, passing our ailments to the fire, as we jump over and welcome the glow of the ambers into our lives. 

We say: “Zardi – ye man az to.  Sorkhi – ye to az man” Which means: “I pass you my pale and ailments, I will take your glow and health”.

It would be an honor to share this tradition once again with the surrounding neighborhood. We haven’t celebrated this event locally since 2018 – when it was grand enough to warrant Star Tribune coverage.

What to Expect

Join us in sharing a meal brought from Iranian friends across the area, jumping over the fire, and getting to know some of the local Iranian commuity. 

We’ll gather outside the Cornelia Warming House for the bonfires and dancing, and inside the Cornelia Elementary gym for food and more dancing!

There’s no official start or end time for specific activities during the event. It’s designed to be fluid, and someone might even show up with more food later in the evening!

In other words, go to the school if you’re hungry, want to socialize, or like dancing. Go to the Warming House if you want to socialize, be by the bonfires, hear cultural music, or dance.

What To Bring

You can contribute by bringing some supplies listed below:
Snack foods
Chips and Salsa
Paper and Plastic cups
Paper Plates
bottled Water
Jugs of water

Celebrate the beginning of spring with us!

امسال هم چهارشنبه سوری را با ما و در کنار ما جشن بگیرید. یک بار دیگه فرصتی هست تا فرهنگمان را با دوستان و همسایگان آمریکایی به اشتراک بگذاریم.

به امید دیدار