In 2008, I obtained  Bachelor of  Graphic Design from the Applied Science University of Anzali, Iran and pursued my MA in Art Research at Kamal-al-molk University in Mazandaran, Iran.

My preferred medium for representing nostalgia is photography, in both staged and conceptual styles.  I seek to capture the elements of longing in the most minimal settings and chose photography because there is a distance between the audience and the captured moment.  By combining lighting, graphic software and mixed media to create unseen worlds and bygone times, I have continued to explore the concept of mapping the psychological space of nostalgia.

Since nostalgia is created by an absence, it is an elusive sentiment to capture, and I believed it could only be conveyed by traces, signs and irony.  My research initially focused on identifying various psychological trigger points which instigate longing. As an undergraduate, I considered the impact of the ever-growing pace of life on the collective cultural nostalgia for a more natural rhythm of being with others and nature. I focused on this through the lens of urban advertisement, and critically examined how graphic designers used visual elements to evoke nostalgia, and how consumers identified with these elements.

My immigration experience has given a new dimension to my understanding of nostalgia.  I am increasingly focusing on the mechanisms of nostalgia in the human psyche as they interact with the space and locality.