I got my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Minnesota in bio-medical devices. I am  the former president of Iranian Culture House at University of Minnesota (2014-2017) and former president of Jan-o Kherad Club at Shiraz University (2006-2008). The focus of both groups was on politics, culture and art in Iran. Alongside with working at Jan-o Kherad, I was the editor in chief and one of the founders of Setak magazine at Shiraz University. I became a political campaigner during the green movement in (2009) and left politics afterwards.

My book “Diaries of a Rat” is under publication in Iran and a new translation of Khayam’s Rubaiyat is another project that I am working on. During the last four years I have worked with my friend Dan Rein to make a new translation based on active dialogues between an English speaker and a Farsi speaker to keep the power of the original images in the Farsi version into  the destination language, English. This power of the images is mostly missed or distorted too much in the older translations.