Festival events presented in collaboration

with Global Minnesota.


Socially distanced backyard picnics

With Iranian food, music and art / Sign up to be a guest or host.

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Chaikhaneh – virtual tea house

Join Americans and Iranians for virtual tea and real conversation. 

Note that there is a 9.5 hour time difference between Central Time in the US and the time in Iran. 10 a.m. US time is 19:30 in Iran.

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TC Iranian Art Collective Virtual Art Gallery

Take the guided tour of our 2020 exhibition!

27 July- 31 Dec 2020

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A video by Mehdi Shokoueinejad, Videographer and Art Enthusiast

An interview with award-winning dioramist Niccu Tafarrodi

Video by multimedia artist Katayoun Amjadi 

Afsane Mardosh – a selection from the Shahnameh

Minnesotans’ Photos of Iran

In November 2019, a group of 12 Minnesotans toured Iran. Here are some of their favorite photos from that trip. 

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