Iran is made up of a complex patchwork of different people and cultures that have lived and worked together over millennia. Minnesota’s Iranian-Americans are proud of their cultural heritage, which has a long history of accomplishment in the areas of art, architecture, music, science, and poetry. Through  Iranian Culture Week, Minnesota’s Iranian-Americans hope to share that rich legacy with others as well as convey the dynamic spirit of this nation and what it means to be Iranian today. 


Iranian Culture Week will showcase local Iranian-American artists of both national and international reputation whose creative work in the arts, literature, and scholarship are a testament to the melding of traditional and modern artistic expression as the times and identity of Iran’s people change and evolve.  Please join us to learn about Iran’s history and culture through a multimedia art exhibit, photo exhibit, lecture series, and through the opportunity to converse with Iranian-American participants and attendees. 


This is a new initiative founded on January 8, 2019 through the partnership of a dozen artists and community leaders from the local Iranian and Iranian-American communities.