Faraz Ghassemi: Iranian Pianist Spreads His Love of Music Through Teaching

Faraz Ghassemi is a classically-trained pianist and piano teacher from Iran. He started playing piano when he was only four years old and moved to the U.S. in 2013. Ghassemi started his school, Zoom Twin Cities, as a way to teach students to play piano and make connections through music. Ghassemi continues to work as a musician and piano teacher.

Having gone to school for music therapy, Ghassemi has experience helping kids heal through music. For instance, he shares that he taught a child who was non-verbal and would use the piano to communicate through music, such as using certain keys to communicate a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Music has also been a form of physical therapy for some students. Ghassemi describes this experience teaching kids with disabilities as rewarding.

While Ghassemi plays a lot of classical music, he also loves playing Persian music. “It reminds me of home,” he shared, adding that he would often play Persian music at family gatherings.

Photo 1 Credit: Andre Ahyai

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